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Our classic sesame bagels are rolled in sesame seeds, which may be ...

Our poppy bagel offers a distinctive taste of history from Central ...

Also known as “the everything” bagel, a mix of sesame, poppy, garli...

A balanced combination of Mediterranean flavors stands on its own o...

Golden brown and aromatic with a hint of sweet to play with the tan...

Our blueberry bagel is like having a bagel with jam, but without th...

For the purist, savor the plain bagel’s freshness and flavor, light...

Made with whole wheat flour for an even more wholesome taste, light...

Build your bagel box

Create a custom box filled with your favourite flavour bagels!

Build your bagel box

Distinctive rye treat with an earthy aroma and a light sweet & sour...

In bakery only

Hearty and healthy, start your day strong with this vibrant combina...

In bakery only