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How They Are Made

Step 1 Mixing

Whole natural ingredients go into our special recipe dough. We cut and prepare bagels in smaller batches to ensure individual quality.

Step 2 Rolling

We hand roll on a hard wood surface for the same artisanal quality in every bagel.

Step 3 Shaping

The hole in the middle lets the bagel brown evenly on its whole surface.

Step 4 Boiling

Our bagels are brought to a simmer in honey water to help build their distinctive taste and texture.

Step 5 Straining

We lift our bagels with a wide metal strainer to cool, dress, and arrange on boards before baking.

Step 6 Dressing

Some of our bagel varieties get coated with classic toppings—sesame, poppy, whole wheat, multigrain, or all dressed.

Step 7 Baking

We follow centuries of tradition by crafting our bagels in wood-burning ovens, rotating and shuffling them for a uniform golden brown.

Step 8 Tossing

With a special hardwood plank called a sheeba, our bagels come out of the oven to cool in a wooden bin.

Step 9 Packing

Fresh bagels are packed to go by the dozens, to be enjoyed throughout North America or picked up at one of our local store counters in Greater Montréal.

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